About Us



         Tinh Minh Company Limited was established in July 2010. With the orientation of "Prestige - Quality - Effectiveness", Tinh Minh team has made continuous effort to maintain and develop stronger and stronger in order to meet best customer needs.
         Tinh Minh is a company specialized in manufacturing plastic molds. With a team of experienced engineers and experts, we always take the initiative from the design and programming department to the machining department on modern CNC machines, testing, assembling and testing molds on plastic injection molding machines. in place. Therefore, we always take the initiative to satisfy our customers in terms of time and quality. In addition, Tinh Minh is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of its products.
         With a broad, comfortable, clean and professional working environment, we always look forward to creating the best working conditions for our employees. In addition, our machines are upgraded to be the place to create quality products in the fastest time for customers.
         Motto: "Prestige - Quality - Effectiveness", we confidently keep the way we have orientated to develop stronger and stronger.
         With enthusiasm for constructive suggestions and support of customers throughout the roadblock Tinh Minh development, we are very grateful and grateful. Tinh Minh wishes customers more health, success and growing strongly on the path of their career.